The offer has been extended by several new items. Currently more than 160 products create a domestic Technical Automotive First Aid Kit. It is time to make our product more recognizable beyond the borders of our country. For many years we have been selling our products in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine and Moldova. We wish to take actions which will contribute to steady growth in these and other markets. We are planning to train our staff, participation in fairs and assistance with promotion of our brand. We have our own graphic design studio and create graphics for packages which meet the needs of the customers and market. We are ready to provide both our own labels in required languages and producton of packaging upon customer’s request. We can prepare leaflets and advertising materials in a particular language.


Year 2010 - the company was still growing rapidly. This was the year of our 25th Anniversary. On this occasion the owner organized a party for all customers and business partners who had contributed to our success.


In 2007 our trademark was registered at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market - Community Trade Mark for all EU countries.

ISO 9001: 14001

The company has implemented the Integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Protection ISO 9001: 14001 This is time of change, organizing company’s internal procedures and time to intensify the ongoing work on improving production system for Technicoll products.


In 1999 the building of an old vicarage became the property of the company, and in 2001 another building was purchased in Trzebinia - Gorka in the area of former Flameproof Materials Plant. The latter building is now our manufacturing plant. The Technicoll brand became wildely recognisable in Poland and abroad.


The idea to create and build our own brand matured in the owner until 1996 when the Technicoll trademark togehter with the company’s name NALMAT and logo CIA were registerd at the Polish Patent Office.This was a real breakthrough in our business. From that time until now, the company has successfully worked on brand building, created its positive image and has continually made new products to complete "Household Technical First Aid Kit."


In 1991 the company rented an old building in Trzebinia at 88 Kosciuszko Street, which after 11 years became NALMAT property. This building served as a store, warehouse and office, and later as a place for storing varnishes and silicones. Selling chemical goods was an inspiration to the next step - producing small chemical products designed for amateur repairs. The first original product created by Nalmat was Silicone universal 20 ml, it was closely followed by the Epoxy Putty and Descaler.


After 1989 economic changes in Poland took place which significantly worsened the living conditions of thepopulation. Leather ornaments were unnecessary luxury and sale of these products declined rapidly. We had to look for additional sources of income. And there began a new chapter in our business - selling chemicals. A market day in a small town. A crowd of people gathered around a van car with rakes for sale. A curious, young entrepreneur also became interested in the subject of trade and bought one. Not so long after that the same young man appeared at the same market as a seller offering his own rakes and brushes for sale. To stay in business he soon had to expand the range of products. He also changed the name of the company - NALMAT - an abbreviation of his chilren’s names Natalie and Matthew – which has been used until now. With time the company focused on selling chemicals - mainly: paint, silicone, mounting foam, and brushes. All those goods had to be imported from Belgium which was not an easy task then.


In 1988 the Krzyworzekas had the first child, Matthew and in the same year a small cottage was extended anddesigned for residential home for the growing family. A year later Natalia was born. Production was still held in the basement of that house, and after some time the owner decided to rent an old rectory, which for many years became a place of work for many people.


The history of the company begins in March 1985 in Psary, in one-room house of 40 square meters. Marian Krzyworzeka, a 27-year-old man, came up with an idea of manufacturing and selling jewelery made of sisal twine. The creator of the first commercial products - dolls and flowers - was his future wife Ewa who manually produced all the trimmings, which then Marian Krzyworzeka, traveling by bus or train, delivered to the nearby craft shops and florists. In those days running a handicrafts company was only possible after obtaining the title of master or joureyman , and the only activity excluded from that requirement was: "Production of haberdashery made of corner bones, local raw materials and waste materials." The busines licence was issued very quickly (as for those times) by the Town Hall of Trzebinia, and the the young entrepreneur had to pay a special charge to get it. As he had no money he sold a gold broken watch given to him by his mother and, luckily, the money he got for it was just enough to pay for the license.