Anaerobic adhesives cure under the absence of oxygen. Oxygen inhibits the reaction thus preventing cure. When the adhesive is placed in a bond line and the accessibility of oxygen is restricted, the cure proceeds quite rapidly. So that the adhesive does not cure prematurely, the adhesive in its container must remain in contact with oxygen up until the time it is used. This is achieved by using air-permeable plastic bottles which are only half filled and which, prior to filling, are flushed with oxygen.


Universal medium strength adhesive designed for prevention joints from unscrewing because of vibration and shock. Replaces cutter pins and spring washers. 

Article number:
A-525 Threadlocker 6620 Universal – 10g / Pack 20 pcs



Technicqll 6612 is an anaerobic adhesive protecting micro-screws against self-unscrewing. Resistant to vibration, irreplaceable in optics, (protection micro-screws in hinges and noses of glasses) watch making, electronics, and assembly of all precise mechanisms.

A-185 ANAEROBIC ADHESIVES 6612 – 10g / Pack 10 pcs



An anaerobic adhesive of low viscosity and large bond strength. Designed for mounting and fastening tightly fitted cylinder elements. Fills gaps from 0,01 to 0,15 mm.

Article number:
A-235 Threadlocker 6601 – 10g / Pack 10 pcs



A high viscosity and high bond strength anaerobic adhesive. Designed for mounting loosely fitted cylindrical elements. Fills gaps: 0,2 – 0,5mm.

Article number:
A-242 Retainer 6638 – 10g / Pack 10 pcs



One component, quick drying anaerobic sealant. Forms a strong and elastic seal resistant to solvents and temperatures. This seal works together with movements of flanges caused by vibration, pressure or thermal changes. Ideal for emergency repairs on the spot or if conventional gaskets are not available.

Article number:
A-645 Gasketmaker Gel 5518 – 15g / Pack 10 pcs
A-652 Gasketmaker Gel 5518 – 50g / Pack 10 pcs
A-669 Gasketmaker Gel 5518 – 250g



A high quality thixotropic paste containing PTFE (Teflon) designed for sealing pipe joints. Replaces tow and Teflon tapes during assembly of pipes and fittings in water, gas, central heating, cooling and pneumatic installations.

Article number:
A-228 Pipe Sealer PTFE 5572 – 15g / Pack 10 pcs
A-683 Pipe Sealer PTFE 5572 – 50g / Pack 10 pcs
A-676 Pipe Sealer PTFE 5572 – 250g


Glue Colour Viscosity Breaking moment /
Shear strength
Possibility disassembly
Threadlocker 6620 Universal blue 800 cP (mPas) 17 Nm 15 min. Using hand tools
Anaerobic Adhesives 6612 purple 500 cP (mPas) 5 Nm 15 min. Using hand tools
Threadlocker 6601 green 150 cP(mPas) 25 Nm 15 min. Using pneumatic tools
Retainer 6638 green 2500 cP (mPas) 25 Nm 15 min. Using pneumatic tools
Gasketmaker Gel 5518 red 400.000 cP (mPas) 10 MPa 15 min. Using hand tools
Pipe Sealer PTFE 5572 white 50.000 cP (mPas) 5 Nm 30 min. Using hand tools
All anaerobic adhesives and sealants are resistant to temperatures in a range of -55°C do 150°C


This information is based on current knowledge company NALMAT Trzebinia and is given to describe the product. It cannot be interpreted as a guarantee of its properties. The customer is obliged to test suitability of the product to certain applications, ensure a safe workplace and comply all applicable regulations.