E-051 kit epoksydowy uniwersalny136x233

Universal epoxy putty is a two component product designed for quick repairs of elements made of: wood, glass, ceramics, plastics and metals.

Article number: 
E-051 Universal Epoxy Putty – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-259 Universal Epoxy Putty – 200g








Colour: light grey
Life after mixing: 5 min.
Preliminary hardening (25°C): 10 min.
Full hardening: 12 h 
Resistance to temperature: -40°C ÷ 100°C
Validity period: 18 months


  • Heat the components A+B to room temperature before mixing them
  • Do not mix larger quantities of components A+B than you can use up within 5 minutes (service life)
  • Repair time may be shortened heating the joint with a jet of hot air
  • Surfaces that are difficult to bond should be earlier  covered with a thin layer of liquid epoxy adhesive (e.g. E-358) and left to cure


Store at a temperature: 5°C - 25°C. Protect from moisture.


Epoxy Pastes and Adhesives, Degreaser, Degreaser Aerosol



This information is based on current knowledge company NALMAT Trzebinia and is given to describe the product. It cannot be interpreted as a guarantee of its properties. The customer is obliged to test suitability of the product to certain applications, ensure a safe workplace and comply all applicable regulations.