CIA-KIT is an advanced universal adhesive system that combines all of your bonding needs into one easy to use system. This all inclusive kit enables you to bond all materials (including PP, PE, PTFE and other difficult-to-bond materials). Contains:
SECOND GLUE - cyanoacrylate adhesive for use with an activator and Primer (bottle 4ml).
SECOND GLUE (INDUSTRY) - modified cyanoacrylate adhesive for use with filler (quartz filler) (bottle 8g).
FILLER - which fills holes, cracks and gaps, evens out surface irregularities, strengthens and reinforces joints (bottle 4ml).
AKTYWATOR - in order to shorten the setting time and to quicken the strength of the bond (bottle 4ml).
PRIMER - for PP, PE PTFE and other difficult-to-bond materials (bottle 4ml).
REMOVER - removes adhesives from hands, upholstery, plastics and many other materials (bottle 4ml).
CLEANER - for preparing surfaces prior to bonding (bottle 4ml).

X-966 CIA - PREMIUM KIT / Pack 6 pcs