Epoxy adhesives are a major part of the class of adhesives called "structural adhesives". These high-performance adhesives are used in the construction of aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and other applications where high strength bonds are required. Epoxy adhesives can be developed to suit almost any application. They are suitable for bonding nearly all substrates - metal, plastic, glass and ceramic, wood and wood products, and many types of rubber. In general, they have high resistance to physical and chemical influences and in addition they have high long-term stability because they only have a limited tendency to undergo creep. Depending on the type, they can withstand continuous temperatures from 95°C up to 200°C. Cured adhesives are typically hard and rigid and range from brittle to tough depending on CHEMICAL COMPOSITION.
How 2-part epoxy adhesives work.
Hardening of epoxy mass occurs automatically as a result of a chemical reaction, independently of weather conditions, after mixing two components of the same volume. Bonding time, depending on a kind of adhesive, can vary from several minutes to hours. A joint is thought to obtain full parameters after 24 hours. The Technicqll 2-part epoxy adhesives are offered as semi-fluids, pastes and putties to provide superior performance benefits in applications.


Epoxy Metal 300kg is a specialized epoxy adhesive used to repair metal parts and elements. Characterized by excellent thermal conductivity and high resistance to mechanical loads.

Article number: 
E-396 Epoxy Metal 300kg  – 2x12ml / Pack 10 pcs





Epoxy Standard of prolonged curing time. Used for permanent bonding: glass, porcelain, ceramics, plastics (except PP, PE, PTFE), stone, concrete, marble, metals and their alloys, rubber, wood. Excellent for pouring electronic elements.

Article number: 
E-402 Epoxy Standard  – 2x12ml / Pack 10 pcs





Colourless, mercaptane, epoxy adhesive of very quick curing time. Reliable and effective for durable bonding materials like glass, porcelain, plastic (except PP, PE, PTFE) stone, concrete, marble, metals and their alloys, rubber, wood. Perfectly bonds to material combinations.

Article number: 
E-358 Epoxy 1 min.  – 2x12m / Pack 10 pcs





Epoxy Glue Universal is a structural adhesive designed for general purpose bonding of a wide variety of materials. Bonds plastics, composites, steel, ceramics, wood to themselves and one another. Once cured, can be painted, drilled, sanded, threaded or filed. Water and solvent resistance. High chemical resistance.

E-198 EPOXY GLUE UNIVERSAL – 2x20ml / Pack 10 pcs



Epoxy Glue Metal is a two-part adhesive and filler ideal for metals, alloys and castings. Once cured, can be painted, drilled, sanded, threaded or filed. Resists water, solvent and most automotive fluids.

E-143 EPOXY GLUE METAL   – 2x20ml / Pack 10 pcs



Epoxy Glue 5 MIN. is a fast acting structural adhesive ideal for small assembly or repair on most materials. Bonds plastics, composites, steel, ceramics, wood to themselves and one another. Once cured, can be painted, drilled, sanded, threaded or filed. Water and solvent resistance.

E-362 EPOXY GLUE 5 MIN. – 2x5ml / Pack 10 pcs

  Epoxy Putty  


Repair Epoxy putties of the plasticine consistency are unique adhesives. They were the first and remain the most important products on the offer Technicqll brand. They have thousands of applications. They are irreplaceable in rapid removal of leaks and repairs of cracks, especially in corners and inaccessible places where there is no possibility of using conventional liquid adhesives. Bonding is always associated with application of liquid substances, while the putty consistence allows to form different shapes and thanks to it putties are used for filling losses of native materials. Epoxy putties may be formed like plasticine therefore they are used for reproduction of whole missing elements. Remember about thorough mixing components A + B. This operation is carried out alternatively by kneading and rolling mill.

E-051 kit epoksydowy uniwersalny136x233

Universal epoxy putty is a two component product designed for quick repairs of elements made of: wood, glass, ceramics, plastics and metals.

Article number: 
E-051 Universal Epoxy Putty – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-259 Universal Epoxy Putty – 200g




E-136 kit epoksydowy motoryzacyjny136x233

Motorization epoxy putty is an adhesive of the consistence of plasteline designed for quick car repairs (without dismounting). Bonds very strongly seals and fills losses. Resistant to vibrations, temperature and exploitative liquids.

Article number: 
E-136 Automotive Epoxy Putty – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-690 Automotive Epoxy Putty – 200g




E-181 kit epoksydowy gospodarczy136x233

Household Epoxy Putty is a two component product designed for quick repairs of equipment and elements made of wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, metals. Replaces destroyed materials and perfectly fills losses.

Article number: 
E-181 Household Epoxy Putty – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-706 Household Epoxy Putty – 200g




E-174 kit epoksydowy metalowy136x233

Metal epoxy putty so called plastic metal designed for quick repairs of machines and devices. Bonds, seals and fills losses in all metals and their alloys (aluminium, steel, cast iron, bronze, brass etc.)

Article number: 
E-174 Metal Epoxy Putty – 40g – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-713 Metal Epoxy Putty – 200g – 200g




E-150 kit epoksydowy hydrauliczny136x233

Plumbing Epoxy Putty is a two component adhesive of the plasteline consistency designed for removing leaks in devices and cooling, heating and water-sewage installations. May be used on wet surfaces.

Article number: 
E-150 Plumbing Epoxy Putty – 40g – 35g / Pack 20 pcs
E-720 Plumbing Epoxy Putty – 200g



  Epoxy Paste  


Epoxy pastes are known in the market under such advertising names like: liquid metal, super metal welding in the cold. These names reflect the possibilities of their applications. Manufactured by Nalmat three types of pastes: steel, aluminium and hydraulic ones in packages of small capacity make alternative to costly service repairs and allow for independent and without disassembly removing effects of a failure saving time, health and money.

Aluminium epoxy paste

Aluminium epoxy paste A specialist two-component paste for use on aluminum alloys, cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. It contains glass fibers to increase resistance to cracking. Ideal for repairs of cracked heads and engine blocks, fuel tanks, radiators, oil pans. When cured, can be painted and machined (drilling, grinding, threading). 

Nr art.:
E-020 Aluminium Epoxy Paste – 100g / Pack 10 pcs
E-068 Aluminium Epoxy Paste – 500g



E-648 pasta stalowa500gSteel Epoxy Paste is two  a component  product designed for repairs or regeneration of elements and parts of machines damaged by friction, corrosion, cavitation and impacts. Contains graphite that gives an effect of self-lubrication.

Article number: 
E-433 Steel Epoxy Paste  – 2x12ml / Pack 10 pcs
E-648 Steel Epoxy Paste – 500g






Plumbing Epoxy Paste has been designed for repairs pressure pipelines. Contains special agents absorbing water. Irreplaceable in the industry for stopping the leakages. It can be painted, drilled, tapped, filed and sanded.

E-532 PLUMBING EPOXY PASTE – 100g / Pack 10 pcs

Glue Colour Consistency Preliminary hardening Shear strength/
resistance to pressure
Resistance to
Epoxy Metal 300kg grey liquid 180 min. (20°C) 20.0 MPa -30°C÷120°C
Epoxy Standard amber liquid 240 min. (20°C) 10.5 MPa -30°C÷90°C
Epoxy 1 min. colourless liquid 8 min. (20°C) 11.5 MPa -30°C÷80°C
Epoxy Glue Universal beige liquid 135 min. (20°C) 10.0 MPa -30°C÷70°C
Epoxy Glue Metal grey liquid 135 min. (20°C) 12.0 MPa -30°C÷90°C
Epoxy Glue 5 min. beige liquid 5 mi. (20°C) 10.0 MPa -30°C÷80°C
Universal Epoxy Putty light grey plasticine 10 min. (25°C) - -40°C÷100°C
Automotive Epoxy Putty orange plasticine 45 min. (25°C) - -40°C÷100°C
Household Epoxy Putty light grey plasticine 45 min. (25°C) - -40°C÷100°C
Metal Epoxy Putty dark grey plasticine 30 min. (25°C) - -30°C÷120°C
Plumbing Epoxy Putty blue plasticine 45 min. (25°C) - -40°C÷100°C
Aluminium Epoxy Paste silver - grey paste 120 min. (20°C) 11.0 MPa -40°C÷120°C
Steel Epoxy Paste dark grey paste 120 min. (20°C) 11.0 MPa -40°C÷120°C
Plumbing Epoxy Paste light blue paste 120 min. (20°C) 40 Atm -40°C÷100°C


This information is based on current knowledge company NALMAT Trzebinia and is given to describe the product. It cannot be interpreted as a guarantee of its properties. The customer is obliged to test suitability of the product to certain applications, ensure a safe workplace and comply all applicable regulations.