Modern design and technological solutions require the use of materials that have better physico-mechanical properties compared to those used in the past. They also require modern, efficient and faster joining techniques, especially where 100% reliability and safety is required. Special adhesives are the latest development in chemical engineering. They are an essential product for modern, high-strength bonds that can connect various material combinations and work in extremely difficult conditions. For several years, special adhesives have been well known and widely used in industry for builders, designers and engineers. With Technicqll ® brands these excellent special adhesives now come in small, easy-to-dispense packages which make available to households products only previously used in industry


Construction adhesive is a one component PU product that increases its volume during curing. Gives very strong and waterproof joints (class D4).

Article number:
R-167 Construction Glue  - 20ml / Pack 20 pcs



A premium quality gel formulated using the very latest chemical technology. It combines superb adhesion with excellent sealant characteristics. It is odourless, non-corrosive and bonds and seals primed, painted and bare metal, zinc coatings, aluminum, most woods and most plastics.

R-812 MS-POLIMER GEL - 20ml / Pack 20 pcs



HT SILICATE HT SILICATE is a one part paste based on a modified silicate cement. Specifically designed to permanently repair and seal joints as well as cracks and fissures in fireplaces, ovens and chimneys. It can also be used for repairing and assembling vehicle exhaust systems.

R-457 HT SILICATE 1200°C - 70ml / Pack 12 pcs
R-518 HT SILICATE 1200°C - 300ml / Pack 12 pcs



The latest achievement of acrylic elastomer chemistry - a two component methacrylate adhesive in an easy-to-use syringe. Ideal for use on the structural joining of metals, composite bonding, plastics and on ceramics where high impact strengths are needed.

X-904 RAPID BOND - 25ml / Pack 12 pcs